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About Us

Make Us Visible was formed in January 2021 when two parents and a teacher came together in search of long-term solutions to anti-Asian American violence.

In March, they were joined by a college student who highlighted the spirit of bipartisanship. Soon, more parents, students, teachers, and neighbors from all across the country would join them in common cause.

Together, they wrote letters, called legislators, organized community events, and built friendships on their foundation of shared experiences. As more states joined, everyday Asian Americans who never thought they would get involved in political advocacy discovered how important it is for them to share their stories.

These joint efforts led to the passage of MUV CT's K-8 Model Curriculum which included AAPI history. Since then, MUV NJ, MUV CT, and MUV RI have passed legislation making their states the country's 2nd, 3rd, and 4th to require the inclusion of AAPI History in K-12 schools. Connecticut became the 1st state in the country to pass legislation with state funding. Today, Make Us Visible includes 11 active chapters, affiliates across the country, and continues to grow with each new conversation.

Because together, we can Make Us Visible.

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