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About Us

Make Us Visible was formed in January 2021 when a small group of parents, students, and teachers came together in search of long-term, bipartisan solutions to anti-Asian American violence. Soon, more neighbors, friends, and community members from across the country joined their mission.  Together, they wrote letters, called lawmakers, organized community events, and built friendships.  As more states joined, more Asian Americans who never thought they would get involved in political advocacy began sharing their stories.

These efforts led to the passage of MUV CT's 2021 K-8 Model Curriculum which included Asian American and Pacific Islander history. Since then, Make Us Visible chapters in New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Florida led successful bipartisan, community-driven efforts to include Asian American history in K-12 public schools, making their states the country's 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th to establish such a requirement.  Connecticut became the 1st state in the country to pass legislation with state-allocated funding.  Florida became the first state in the South and the most populated state to pass the law.  Today, Make Us Visible includes 24 active chapters and continues to grow with each new conversation.

Because together, we can
Make Us Visible.

Our Team

Kate Lee Co-Founder and Executive Director
Jeffrey Gu Co-Founder and Policy Director
Brett Han Co-Director of MUV Student Leadership Network
Colin Poon Co-Director of MUV Student Leadership Network
Jamie Li Digital Communications Coordinator
Raphael Rafatpanah Software Engineer
Raghav Joshi Policy Fellow
Karen Lau Education Fellow
Thang Lian Education Fellow
Aiza Malinias Education Fellow
Sabiha Obaid Policy Fellow
Erin Chen Education Intern
Bingjie Dong Education Intern
Aanya Jaiswal Education Intern
Sophia Tamashiro Education Intern
Alex Terpstra Education Intern
Jason Wong Policy Intern
Cynthia Lin Artist-in-Residence
Mimi Chan Director of MUV Florida
Angelie Chong Director of MUV Washington
Connie Park Director of MUV Virginia
Denise (Ji Hyun) Hellenbrand Co-Director of MUV Pennsylvania
Kenneth Hong Co-Director of MUV Pennsylvania
Christine Huang Co-Director of MUV New York
Helen S. Singson Interim Co-Director of MUV New York
Charles Montesa Director of MUV California
Devin Jiang Co-Director of MUV Delaware
Y.F. Lou Co-Director of MUV Delaware
Ina Demers Director of MUV Maine
Shayne Nuesca Director of MUV Alaska
Yuki Hoshi Interim Director of MUV Massachusetts
Joshua Ang Price Interim Director of MUV Arkansas
Vivian Huang Interim Director of MUV Arizona
Yining Lin Interim Director of MUV Ohio
Tina Tran Interim Director of MUV Oklahoma
Ethelyn Tumalad-Granados Interim Co-Director of MUV Oregon
Andrew Le Interim Co-Director of MUV Oregon
Bill Tsutsui Interim Director of MUV Kansas
Christine Currie Interim Director of MUV South Carolina
Steve Sakanashi Interim Director of MUV Texas
Xuan Chen Interim Director of MUV North Carolina
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